Stereogropher, Visual Effects Supervisor
Editor • Post Production / Visual Effects Artist • Video Compression Guru
3D-NYC FROM ROOSEVELT ISLAND TRAMWAY -- This is Christopher's Award winning 3D film shot in June of 2009 with a single camera and a single lens. Click logo to view in the special YouTube 3D Player and you can select your prefered viewing method or you can see it at NYC's MoMa and on the subway in South Korea (really!).
TEXT, BANNER and VISUAL FX DEMO REEL - here's a collection of experiments and paid work thrown together for your viewing plaesure. TURN UP THE VOLUME: This is also a demo of Christopher's Sound Design Super Powers.
Mega Partnering Testimonials... JT Foxx..Testimonials recorded and edited in the style of a "Billy Mays" commercial.
Mega Partnering ... Promo Video